My portrait

Hi. I am Michael SCHERER !
I am currently a young and active student in software development and engineering at the eXia.Cesi Highschool in Alsace, France. I aim to work on several complex projects, preferably, in the video game development sector, by using my knowledge with a dynamic and friendly team of enthusiasts.
This personal website is still a "work in progress" project and the final result will provide more content and information about my personal and professional development projects. This page is only available to offer you a way to contact me during the development period. So, don't forget to come back regularly to see the new changes of my page !

  • Software Development & Engineering Student.
  • Interested in Game Conception, Source Codes' mysteries and new technology in general (Leapmotion, Oculus Rift, Myo,...).
  • Hardworker, motivated and friendly.

Feel free to drop me a line if you would like to work with me or want to say "Hi".